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Covid-19 Response
April 1, 2022

In-Person Service and Gathering Guidelines

Deacon Board has decided to make mask-wearing voluntary for the months of April and May and will evaluate the situation in their June meeting. This decision is intended to maintain respect for each person’s freedom to decide whether to mask or not and not to increase any pressure or judgment one way or other. For […]

April 1, 2022


4月和5月: 佩戴口罩轉為自願性質。 執事會將在6月的會議上評估情況。 該決定旨在尊重每個人決定是否戴口罩的自由,並且不以任何方式增加任何壓力或論斷。 對於那些在全教會活動中提供食物的人,我們強烈建議在為他人提供食物時戴上口罩。 (以英文版本為準)