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CIBCSF implements stricter COVID-19 protocols than what SFDPH or CDC: All attendees participating in any in-person worship service or fellowship or activity at the CIBC premise must observe and adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Cleaning:  High touch areas, podium, AV equipment will be disinfected prior and after each gathering

2. Signage at front doors: Signs will instruct those who are not feeling well or who had been in contact with an infected person or who are waiting for COVID-19 test result or who had recently traveled to a low vaccinated area with an alarming surge of COVID-19, to stay home/see doctor

3. On-site screening: Each person entering the church will be subject to temperature screening.

4. Protective gears: Everybody over 2 years of age must wear mask at all times throughout the building (except while eating or unless medically you cannot breathe well in which case advise the pastor or deacon). The church will have spare masks to give out at the lobby.  Church also has gloves available in the lobby.

5. Personal hygiene:  All those attending church must thoroughly clean their hands before entering further into the church, (Hand sanitizers will be available for your use at the lobby).

6. Social distancing: During in-person worship, please sit in pre-marked sections of pews. During prayer meetings, Sunday School, fellowship meetings or meals at church, sit apart from each other as much as possible. Family members can sit next to each other. 

Podium/music stands will be placed 12 feet away from others: from pianist, AV personnel and those in the pew.  (Please do not sit close to the Lord’s Table during Lord’s Supper).

7. Limit capacity: We will limit sanctuary to 50% of its posted capacity.

8. Attendance list: Pastor has been keeping track of all those attending worship. (There is no longer need to pre-register to attend worship. Based on recent attendance, there is enough space to accommodate attendees even sitting apart).

9. Limit contact time: Except for Lord’s Supper Sundays which may on occasion go over 5 minutes, English Worship Service will be about one hour or less. Chinese Worship will be about one hour 5 minutes or less  

In addition, we are not to congregate/hang around for more than 12-13 minutes in the sanctuary before and after service (except for the workers setting up or cleaning up or counting offering). 

10.  Path of travel: For English Worship, those who are physically able, please exit via rear room, up second floor.

11. Ventilation: We will keep the sanctuary windows/doors opened as much as possible,  

12. Eating: Eating with caution is allowed at church, but no cooking in the kitchen.

13. Other functions besides in-person worship services: Sunday morning prayer meetings, adult Sunday School classes, youth and adult fellowship groups may resume gathering at church with masks on and windows opened.