New Immigrant Ministry

San Francisco has always been a city of immigrants.  Many in our Chinese congregation are foreign-born.

Through out the 2000s, there has been a steady wave of new immigrants from mainland China.  Many from the GuangDong province settled in San Francisco.  Near the end of the decade, CIBC felt a strong calling to serve this new immigrant community.

In the past few years, CIBC held various programs and activities to help the immigrants to know more American culture and customs; to celebrate important Chinese and American holidays with them; and to introduce them to Christianity.    New immigrants will continue to be CIBC’s main focus of local ministry.

Some of the programs and activities held were:

  • After-school English Class
  • New Song (Ukulele Music) Class
  • Children Outreach
  • Family Outreach
  • Summer Program

Below are photos from some of these activities: