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                Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!  How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!  (Roman 11:33)

  1. Give praise to our God who is all knowing. He knows our innermost being and all our needs.
  2. Missionary: Pray for Gene & Linda Fisher serving in Thailand, at the Grace International School, ministering to the children of missionaries. Praise God that they are able to sustain a Christian presence in a heavily Buddhist country. Pray for Mr. Fisher, a band teacher, and for Mrs. Fisher, a middle & high school principal, as they plan to retire in 2018. Praise God for their many years of service in the field.
  3. Pray for the Jesus Loves Chinatown campaign this week, July 17-22. Pray that residents and businesses of Chinatown will turn from the worship of idols to the worship of the one true God, Christ our Lord. Pray for boldness on the part of many participants as they share God’s love, including the four participants from our church on July 22: Mrs. Louie, Wendy, Mimi and Dilys. Also pray that people’s hearts will be moved during Friday’s evangelistic meetings.
  4. Pray for the upcoming church retreat in July. Pray for Rev. Johnny Wang, that God will use him to challenge us. Pray for his cataract surgery this Monday, July 17. Pray for Sarah Akutagawa, that God will grant her wisdom to lead the English-speaking. Pray for the retreat planning committee as they desire to finish all preparations early. Pray for all the attendees, especially for those attending for the first time.
  5. Pray for Samantha Leung who has started Navy Boot Camp in Illinois. Praise God for her heart’s desire to serve God and to serve the country. Pray for God’s protection and guidance over her. Pray that she will stay healthy. Pray for her strong witness among her comrades.
  6. Remember the members who have moved away in recent months or recent years (e.g. Poon Li and family; Mr. Liang, Junjei Lin). Pray that God will guard their hearts. Pray that they will continue to grow strong in their faith and be active in church life.
  7. Pray for the leaders of our country, our state and our City. Pray that God will raise up godly leaders to lead this nation back to the Truth.