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                         The LORD is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all he has made.  Psalm 145:17

  1. Give praise to our God who is righteous and just in all His ways.
  2. Missionary: Susan Cha and her husband Rev. Tan Yone Cha, ministering to orphans in Myanmar; pray for Susan and her husband as they continue their love for children in Myanmar through their operations of many orphanages and schools. Pray that the changing political climate will not severely affect the ongoing ministries. Pray for Rev. Cha as he plans to retire and to pass on his responsibilities to his successor.
  3. Pray for our missionaries, Chris and Emily. Chris has recently been diagnosed with a rare cancer in the nasal cavity. Surgery is today  September 10 at 10 pm (September 11 Taipei time). Pray that God will protect Chris’ brain and other parts of head during surgery.   Pray for courage and strength for Chris as well as for his parents, wife, Emily, and children, Joanna and Jonathan.
  4. Pray for the future direction of the church. The Deacon Board has been looking to God to add deacons/deaconesses. Pray that as the Board extends invitation to qualified members of the church to serve as deacons/deaconesses that God’s will be done.
  5. Pray for our existing deacons and their families. Give praise to God for their faithful service over the years: Deacon Willy and Nancy Moy, Deacon Hon and Catherine Chung, Deacon Johnny and Cindy Tang, Deacon Sam and Julie Leong.
  6. Pray for Pastor Johnson and Lei Lei as they are expecting their first child. Pray for Lei Lei as her body continues to adjust.
  7. Likewise, pray for Sing and Mei as they are also expecting their first child. Pray for Mei, for a healthy adjustment as well.
  8. Pray for those who are homebound: e.g.; Mei Qing Liu, Jenny Wu, (mother of Julie Wu); Howard Yu; Lai Bing Tam Wong (mother of Joyce Mak), Chew, etc. Pray also for members who physically cannot come to our church but who are attending church close by: e.g. Mrs. LiZhen Luo, Ben and Mary Moy.
  9. Pray for victims and families going through trying times in hurricane- stricken places like Texas and nearby states. Pray for friends and relatives living in Houston. Pray also for recovery and relief in other parts of the world that were also recently flooded.